2016 Pro-Choice Lobby Day - April 7, 2016

Schedule for the Day

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Lobby 101
Lobby 101
Because of changes at the Capitol, we are not able to offer Lobby 101 training in person this year, but we have created a Lobby 101 video to prepare you for Lobby Day. We will also participate in training on Lobby Day from Lobby Coaches.
We are fortunate in Minnesota to have such easy access to our Legislators.  Minnesota’s legislators are very down to earth people; they are often easy to talk to.  As teachers, lawyers, nurses, and business people, they are not intimidating upper class elitists.   This enables us to create conversation with the legislators so we can directly participate in issues we care about at the Capitol.
Pro-Choice Lobby Day is a day of education and activism at the Capitol, and we want to ensure that each person who attends feels confident about the issues and lobbying their Legislators about reproductive rights.  
Lobby Coaches:

Experienced Lobby Coaches will offer training on how to talk to your legislators about the issues, how to pull an official out of a meeting or off of the Floor, and other details that will make your visit more enjoyable. 


YouTube resources:
Because of the changes this year, we are not able to hold Break Out Sessions. However, multiple groups have crafted YouTube resources about their views on reproductive rights. Click to view the following videos:


Pro-Choice Lobby Day is free for all who come.  It does take time, energy and resources to make this day possible so after you register for the day, and only if you are able to, we are willing to take any donation you can afford to help make each Pro-Choice Lobby Day a success.  Thank you.
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